A Guide on How to Switch Jobs

You might be sitting at your desk, wondering how to switch jobs. Wondering if you’re doing the right thing? Wondering if it’s too late to turn back? We’re here to help.

The Job Search

You may be feeling stuck in your current job, or you may feel that it’s time for a change. Last year, two of the most common reasons people sought out new jobs were because of a lack of career growth and to advance their careers. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new job, keeping these things in mind can help you avoid making mistakes during the process:
– Use relevant keywords when creating your resume and cover letter
– Create an online portfolio to showcase your skills
– Keep up with ongoing education and certifications
– Consider working remotely
– Talk to the people who work at the companies where you might want to work

Switch Jobs

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Interview tips

You’ve got a potential interview set up and you’re nervous. Find out the best way to approach an interview by following these steps:
– Find out what time and location the interview will be.
– Dress appropriately.
– Be sure to research the company and position before arriving at the interview.
– Arrive at the location 10 minutes early, but don’t try to enter too soon.
– Try practising answering questions as if you were in an interview with a friend or family member.

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Switch Jobs

What is your job worth?

The value of your job is determined by the pay and benefits you receive in return for the knowledge and skills you offer. If you feel like your job isn’t worth what it once was, it may be time to consider looking for a new opportunity. The first step is to do a little research to find out what that job is worth in today’s market.

What skills should you add to get a better job?

Alternatives to the interview process

The interview process is a necessary evil for most job seekers, but you do have alternatives to consider. For instance, if you’re not a fan of in-person interviews, you may want to consider using a video call service like Skype. If you don’t want your potential employer to know about your past salary, try a web-based service that will provide the information anonymously. There are also many websites that offer success stories from other people who have been hired by employers they found on their own.

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