4 Printed Handbags you should have!

Prints are back in fashion this season. With eye-catching printed to every style imaginable, these handbags are not something you want to miss out on. These designer pieces are here to stay through the New Year and will spice up your wardrobe instantly with their bold colours that capture your attention!



The Tropical Mood

MIRAGGIO’s savanna ring bag is offered in two equally exciting prints: Abstract Floral and Kaleidos Copic Bold. Inspired by surrealist minimalism and geometric illusions, these two prints are a true ode to the classic 1960s. If you’re heading for a special occasion, combine one of them with an elegant jumpsuit, and you’ll surely catch all the eyes.



The Celestial Appeal

If you feel a little experimental and don’t want to choose a bag on a regular basis, the Phoebe sling bag should definitely be your choice. Its main pastel pink shade is adorned with tropical leaves dressed in forest shades. The blue variant is covered with a geometric print. The white marble version is an innovative version of the nature-based pattern. All three easily complement the summer dress.



The Gothic Essence

This classic iris bag adds a feminine charm with elusive floral accents and dark foliage at midnight. Combined with the unique details of the Saffiano accents on the handle, this carrying case encourages Gothic essence with scattered floral vines for a different look. The brown details around the flowers accentuate the look and give a subtle elegance. Combine these printed handbags with a black dress to complete your mysterious outfit.

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The Floral Charm

Delilah Satchel’s unique silhouette stirs your imagination with floral details. Vintage shades of red and pink throughout the bag create a captivating forest aura. The glossy surface and front flap makes it look elegant yet feminine. The metal lock adds a subtle detail with a sophisticated touch. Pair these printed handbags with light denim or a plain wide shoulder blouse for an impressive look.