Touchless Spa – Old concept, New Package

Missing a relaxing spa massage after the pandemic? Spa’s have opened, but are you not ready that a stranger will touch your body? Well, the Touchless Spa might be something for you!

Novel Concept

Services such as non-contact facials, relaxing capsules, dry hydrotherapy, massages, etc. They help you have a pseudo spa vibe, but they’re not that satisfying.

Massage cannot be completely non-contact. There are several tools that touch your body. So what is a non-contact spa? In the first place, there are oils and creams that you apply under your skin to get started, but you have to apply them by hand or by yourself. The most modern approach is a Dry Swirl. This allows you to apply uniform pressure over a specific period of time and in a specific problem area. The speed can also be set according to the user’s preference.

Spiritual Healing

Another form of the Touchless Spa is Reiki. This is a Japanese massage technique. Here, body healing is conveyed through spiritual and meditation techniques. Reiki Master transforms the energy of the person being treated into healing. In its purest form, Reiki is not a massage. Communicating healing to the body is a soul healing technique.

Here, the spa session is beneficial to the master. This is because the master can participate in multiple disciples at the same time. These spas work well within the guidelines set by the government.


In a sense, this type of massage is very different from traditional massage. Massage affects the external healing, and generally the pain you feel, rather than the sensation of pain, as in the case of very chronic pain. The non-contact massage focuses on mental problems, muscle recovery, sleep health, anxiety, skincare and spirituality.

There are other treatments where the spa is just supply and guidance. The user has to do it himself. For example, there is a steam room and a mud bath. This non-contact spa is a change that we must accept and move on. Most companies faced a financial crisis during the pandemic. Supporting local businesses is what we have adopted and these new things will take some time to normalize. The rise of non-contact spas is very obvious. But what about the future?