Mojo of Majority- Making Karnataka shine with a majority government at the helm: A senior minister’s take

New Delhi [India], May 8 (ANI/NewsReach): Senior Minister of Karnataka state Dr Ashwath Narayan C.N, took to Twitter to hail Karnataka as the state on the fast track, all thanks to the double engine government that has put the state on a roll.

He further elaborated the benefits of electing the same political party both at the State and at Central levels. Karnataka which was deprived of the same party rule from last few decades has witnessed a paradigm shift be it in governance or development since the last four years.

The minister lamented about Karnataka being at the receiving end of “coalition politics” that is plagued by factionalism, slow decision making, instability, lack of accountability and other disadvantages and appealed to the voters to ponder upon the sheer bliss/convenience of electing a majority government.

As the third largest economy in the country, Karnataka has been outperforming other states in per capita income since 2020-21. Not only has it bagged the ‘Top Achiever’ rank in ease of doing business, it also continues to top NITI Ayog’s India Innovation Index.

He further stated that Karnataka which is home to around 45 unicorns and more than 13,000 technology start-ups, has rightfully earned the Start-up Capital and Unicorn Capital sobriquets, rightfully so as the state has created a favourable ecosystem for them to thrive and flourish.

The uniformity of thought and action which is a result of having the same party at both the levels has transpired into sustainable overall development in all major sectors including, infrastructure, health, education and agriculture and most importantly in the area of implementation of policies and welfare programs.
He went ahead and said, Karnataka, which is on the verge of picking its next government, no longer carries with it the bitter memories of factionalism, slow decision making, instability, lack of accountability and other disadvantages that come with the formation of a coalition government.

Having tasted the benefits of a stable government, Karnataka is in a better position to give its mandate prudently.
A “double engine government leads to greater political stability. It also blunts the chances of any hindrance from the political opposition at the State level.

The quality of governance improves, it strengthens political institutions at both levels.
With the same party in power at both the State and Central level, there is likely to be better coordination and collaboration between the two levels of government, which can result in more efficient implementation of policies and programmes. There is also better representation of the State’s interest at the national level.

The State government may have better access to resources from the central government, which can help in implementing development projects and programmes in the State.

There is also faster approvals of projects and policies, resulting in quicker implementation of development initiatives.

The tweet was well received by the Twitterati and was re-tweeted in great numbers.

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