“Business is a Community” – says Manish Madan on the 15th Foundation Day of Regal Kitchen Foods

One of the fastest-growing businesses nowadays is ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook packaged food. One company that mainstreamed it as its main business is Regal Kitchen Foods. The leading food firm in this domain has not only established itself as a brand but also revolutionized the business of RTE and RTC packaged food all over the world. Recently, RKF celebrated this success in its 15th Foundation day cum Annual meet. Founded in 2008, Regal Kitchen Foods’ staff from all over the globe celebrated its success. 

The Event was initiated with videos revealing the life journey of the executive committee members in the company both as an individual and as a leader. Aftermath, the Founder and CEO Manish Madan interacted with the staff members sharing some fantabulous life experiences of struggling journey as an entrepreneur. Manish Madan said, “Business is a community, so business is not for self, business is for everyone.”  He talked about how they got their first big assignment. He shared those moments when he dealt with various life challenges and with the support from his employees, he was able to overcome these challenges. Thereafter, there was a financial training session for RKF staff members so that they can efficiently and effectively manage their investments. The entire staff learned the best ways to manage the wealth. Mr Madan is not only a leader to his employees but he is like a mentor for every staff member. So the employees asked about some professional and personal life styling mantras from Manish Madan. The family of Manish Madan was also present at the event and distributed awards to the staff members.

The Foundation Day ended with spiritual celebrations. In the evening, Bhajan Sandhya was organized. All the staff members including Manish Madan enjoyed the blissful moments. Regal Kitchen Foods celebrates foundation day as a mega annual collaborative event for gathering all the staff members under one roof. Everyone eliminates their hierarchical boundaries and celebrates the eve with the theme “As a team, we work together, achieve together, celebrate together, & meditate together. Because we believe that we all grow together. And that’s what keeps us united, every single day!”  Regal Kitchen Foods is a manufacturing firm that manufactures ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook packaged food products and sells them across 18 plus countries including US, UK, and Canada.