Ailtra Launches AI-Powered Crypto Trading Bot to Revolutionize Industry Standards

San Jose, CA, July 18, 2023 – Ailtra, a pioneering company at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency trading, is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge auto trading bot. With this innovative solution, Ailtra stands poised to drastically overhaul the cryptocurrency industry’s norms and expectations.

The trading world is no stranger to the cold fact that a staggering 99% of manual cryptocurrency traders ultimately experience losses. This statistic is a stark testament to the volatility and unpredictability of the digital currency markets. However, Ailtra is determined to reverse this daunting reality, driven by the audacious goal of ensuring that an equal percentage of its users – 99% – achieve profits consistently.

The key to this potential market paradigm shift lies in Ailtra’s advanced AI technology. “Our mission is to empower our users to profit consistently. Our auto trading bot leverages the most sophisticated AI technologies to deliver on this promise,” said a spokesperson for Ailtra.

The bot’s underlying intelligence manifests in its capability to strategically determine the optimal times to enter and exit trades. This precision maximizes potential gains and minimizes the risk of loss, offering users an unprecedented advantage in the often-tumultuous cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, Ailtra has designed a robust safeguard against the market’s rapid and unpredictable fluctuations. The auto trading bot is equipped with a 13-level hedging strategy, effectively ensuring that trades never close in a losing position. This mechanism holds firm, even in the face of coins experiencing a surge in momentum of over 200% within a very short period. Additionally, the bot automatically halts any further orders if a coin’s value rises by more than 30% in less than an hour, offering an extra layer of protection for users.

The user journey with Ailtra begins with a simple account creation. From there, users link their Binance account using API keys, ensuring a seamless integration between the two platforms. Subsequently, users choose their trading style, with options ranging from low, medium, to high, allowing for a customizable trading experience that aligns with their comfort level and risk tolerance.

With this set up, Ailtra’s bot then suggests an initial order amount, stop loss, and the number of coins, based on the user’s selected trading style and the available funds in Binance. While this automated suggestion feature is undoubtedly convenient, Ailtra also understands the importance of user autonomy. Hence, the platform allows users the flexibility to select coins and set the initial order amount themselves, offering a blend of automation and customization.

Once these steps are completed, Ailtra’s bot springs into action, diligently executing strategic orders based on the selected coins’ market dynamics. As the bot works its magic, it carefully monitors the market’s movement, waiting for the opportune moment to book profits. Once it reaches the target level as defined by Ailtra’s algorithm, the bot books the profits. These profits are then transferred from the Future wallet to the user’s available funds, ready for withdrawal at the user’s convenience.

With its trailblazing AI bot, Ailtra is making waves in the cryptocurrency trading industry. It ensures a safe, user-friendly, and, most importantly, a profitable trading experience. Ailtra’s innovative approach solidifies its position as a transformative solution in the industry, marking the dawn of a new era where technology is every trader’s most powerful ally.

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About Ailtra

Ailtra is an AI-powered auto trader Crypto Bot company, headquartered in San Jose, California, with a branch office in Surat, India. Ailtra is committed to revolutionizing the cryptocurrency trading landscape by leveraging advanced AI techniques, ensuring the majority of users experience consistent profitability.

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